Thursday 3rd June, 2010

Projects for World Environment Day

Cut out a kilo campaign. Image courtesy Carbon Neutral Company.

To mark World Environment Day on 5 June, UK businesses are being encouraged to promote activities to raise awareness on environmental issues and take action. 

Business in the Community, a nationwide coalition of companies promoting corporate responsibility, has listed a number of green initiatives for employees, suppliers and customers to consult. It has also granted support to new environmentally friendly projects.

Among them is the Cycle to Work Guarantee campaign, promoted by the Department for Transport, which encourages businesses to become bicycle friendly and make it easier for employees to cycle to and from work.

Business in the Community encourages employers to raise awareness among employees and change their behaviour toward more sustainable lifestyle choices. Environmental quizzes as well as tips from across the world on how to live a green lifestyle are listed on the official WED website.

How to cut a kilo of CO2

In the same spirit on Friday 4 June, CarbonNeutral, a climate and offset projects consultancy with offices in London, is running for the third year the free campaign “Cut out a kilo of CO2”. The programme, open to businesses across the UK, includes a series of suggestions to reduce CO2 emissions.

One of these is opting for a three-hour video conference instead of travelling by taxi to a business meeting 10 km (6 miles) away. This can reduce carbon emissions by up to 1 kg. Other tips touch upon topics as diverse as travelling, office life, green solutions and warehouse facilities. For more info: Carbon Neutral. Over 1,000 employees across Britain are expected to participate.

WED has taken place since 1972 as part of the United Nations Environment Programme. This year’s theme is biodiversity, but organisations and companies are encouraged to take any sort of action to promote sustainability.

Businesses who actively participate can register on the official website [ UNEP] and earn a $10 (£6.8) donation to contribute to the conservation of gorillas in Rwanda, this year’s global WED host country.

“Although individual decisions may seem small in the face of global threats and trends, when billions of people join forces in common purpose, we can make a tremendous difference,” said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

For more info and resources visit the Business in the Community website.


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