Monday 7th June, 2010

Holland Park goes green for a day

Holland Park goes green. Image courtesy of Ines Ward.

Five hundred people and some great weather made Environment Day at Holland Park a clean success.

The event is hosted once a year by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and this year’s edition featured a variety of stands from the Metropolitan Police, RSPB, and Friends of the Earth, among others.

Teaching children

The fair focused mostly on education for young children. 

“I really like this fair,” said Rima Paoli, 32. “It is important for the kids to learn about the environment and to save energy.”

Exotic animals such as boas and tarantulas were most popular with the children. Some had small pythons wrapped around their necks, while others crowded around turtles or petted iguanas.

“A lot of the times you find that the children are very brave and they really love having a hands-on approach with animals,” said Lucy Jacobs, 15, who works for Animal Magic Pony Parties. “They can really learn to understand and value them for what they are, and how they are endangered animals.”

Another activity the kids liked was the Old Mother Earth play put on by the Maggie and Rose production company, which teaches them about environmental issues.

“We use some drama games and exercises that help them to think about the importance of disappearing habitats due to environmental changes, and also to try to link their feelings to pollution as opposed to purity and cleanliness,” said Nicola Burckstein, 35, who plays the lead actress in the play.

Writing a letter for the future

But amongst the stands at the event, there were some with a political agenda. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) was present to promote their latest campaign, ‘Letter to the Future’.

“We want to show the government that we want them to consider what is right for nature and for the future of wildlife in the UK,” said Abbie Jinks, 30.

The letter has already been signed by more than 210,000 people, but the RSPB wants everyone onboard.  “Everyone needs to care, and most people do care, we are about reminding them about that,” added Abbie.

Mathieu Mazenod, 35, who organises the fair, was satisfied with the outcome of the day: “It’s the fourth year we are doing that and every year there are more and more people. I think it’s a great opportunity to promote sustainable lifestyle in the borough.”  he said.



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