Wednesday 2nd June, 2010

The benefits of buying local

Image courtesy Lilly LeClair

Picture baskets overflowing with glistening tomatoes and bright, crispy greens, adding pockets of freshness to gooey pastries, smelly cheeses, and smoky kebabs and you have Borough market. London is full of farmers markets selling local produce and Borough market is one of many taking advantage of the growing green trend.

Buying locally can be an easy, tasty and cheap way to help support the environment. It’s a win-win situation for consumers who want to help the community and keep their surroundings sustainable.

A sustainable environment

Food that is locally grown supports a sustainable environment. Local farms grow a diverse array of crops which change depending on the season. This revolving system of farming conserves the richness of the land and cuts down on the use of fossil fuels because produce isn’t being shipped for long distances and less material is used for packaging.

Lower costs

Purchasing locally grown fruits and vegetables is not only better for the environment, but it also saves the consumer money. By cutting down transportation costs and packaging, farmers can afford to charge less for their goods.


Because local food has generally been picked within a day or two of going on sale, it’s usually fresher than supermarket goods. Produce that is locally grown also retains more of its nutritional value because it’s purchased right after picking.


Buying locally gives back to the community. Purchasing direct from farmers and cutting out middle men strengthens community relations and gives back to the local economy.

Where to buy Locally in London

Borough Market
Local foodie’s paradise with a delectable array of produce and meats including fresh locally caught seafood.

Broadway Market
With an abundance of locally produced goods, Broadway market is a one stop shop for all your local delicacies.

Farmer’s Markets

Bermondsey Farmers Market

Blackheath Farmers Market

Clapham Farmers Market

Dulwich Farmers Market

Islington Farmers Market

Marylebone Farmers Market

Parliament Hill

Pimlico Road Farmers Market

Queens Park Farmers Market

Image courtesy Lilly LeClair


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