Wednesday 9th June, 2010

Not so Fantastic Mr Fox

Not So Fantastic Mr Fox. Image Courtesy: Surianii on flickr

Amid all the uproar surrounding the recent fox attack in East London, GreenonGrey hits the streets to find out what Londoners think of the capital’s most wanted resident.

Londoners voice their opinions

This attack has caused many to call for a cull of the foxes living in the British capital, but what do Londoners think?

Asked whether he would like fox populations to be better controlled, Fulham resident Andrew Snook, 24, said: “It’s just an overreaction, isn’t it? It was just as likely to have been a cat or dog. I don’t think we should kill them at all.”

Islington’s Avainash Seretum, 25, agreed: “I can see why people don’t want them around. They make horrible noises around my house some nights but I wouldn’t kill them.  Maybe deport them if it was possible.”

One person who believes action should be taken is Swiss Cottage resident and mother of two Myriam Pigoneau: “It’s all very well for people who don’t have children to dismiss the incident as a one-off but I have two [kids] and wouldn’t want them to end up in the hospital no matter how remote the chances.”

Wildlife Trust backs fox

A spokesperson for the London Wildlife Trust (LWT) said: “We estimate that there is currently a fairly stable population of about 10, 000 foxes in London.”

In light of the tragic attack in Hackney, LWT has issued a statement emphasising the rarity of such events.

“Attacks by foxes on people are extremely rare, and whilst we recognise the gravity of this incident, it is highly unusual behaviour by foxes, especially as they are described as entering the house in this circumstance”.

Urban foxes are becoming increasingly dependent on the food they scavenge from bins. It is this food source that attracts foxes to the city and, coupled with a lack of green spaces, brings the animals into contact with humans.



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