Monday 30th November, 2009

The world's first rubbish Hotel

Image courtesy El Senor Goldwin Agency

To honour World Environment Day on 5 June, Corona Extra beer has launched a ‘pop-up’ beach garbage hotel in the centre of Rome. The ‘trash hotel’ is part of the ‘Save the Beach’ campaign launched by Corona in 2008 The aim is to raise awareness of the plight of European beaches.

The hotel, which is made of 12,000 kilos of rubbish found on the beaches of Europe, was designed by German artist HA Schult. ‘We live in an epoch of trash, we produce it and we may become it. Do we want such a world?’ asks Schult.
The engaging artist has previously sculpted 1,000 figures from waste which have been exhibited at the Great Wall of China, the Egyptian Pyramids and Red Square in Moscow. The first official guest staying in this two-storey construction with a capacity of 10 guests per night was supermodel turned campaigner Helena Christensen.

If you, like Helena Christensen, are not afraid of sleeping surrounded by rubbish, you have to hurry to book a room: it is open from 3-7 June. ‘Corona Save the Beach’ plans to save one European beach every year. Last year it was Italy’s Capocotta beach. This year it could be a British one which needs your help. The choice of beach is made according to a citizen decision-making process.

By clicking “Like” on the Facebook group!/savethebeach?v=wall&ref=search and joining in with the voting process, people can select their favourite beach to be cleaned.

“It can definitely be a British beach next year. But it will require the mobilisation of the British people,” said Beatriz Pavon, International PR Supervisor in charge of the campaign.


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